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Heat Insertion Machines


Heat insertion is the process which finds applications in joining plastic parts. Thermoplastic parts as such are too soft to sufficiently hold threads and offer tight joints. To overcome this problem threaded inserts of brass or steel are added post molding.
Heat Insertion is a process wherein a heated thermal tip embeds a metal insert into a plastic application

Used for assembly of metal parts with plastic parts permanent
Such parts used in automotive for fasting with metal parts in Vehicles

CRYSTAL ELECTRODYNAMIX PVT LTD Specialize for in Application Of
1. Foot Board - Bolt inserts
2. Intake manifolds - Nut Inserts
3. Washer Tanks - Bushes
4. Radiator Tank - Bushes
For heat insertion the brass or steel part to be inserted is preheated to temperature specific to the part and then pressed in the hole on the plastic part, which results in melting of plastic in the narrow zone, which flows in the knurls provided on the insert. The plastic is re-solidified by cooling, completing the assembly which results in much better mechanical properties.
Heat Insertion Machine
Heat Insertion Machine
Heat Insertion Machine

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